Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hello Again.. Let's Catch Up! (Part One - Willow and Olive)

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Well it's been quite a while, hasn't it!? Such a lot has happened in the past year!

I have a lot of content planned, and a lot of new and VERY exciting changes in my life to share, so keep popping back for (fingers crossed..) regular updates on what's been going on! I'm going to break it down into sections, so here's part one of however many...
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'In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.'
 - Terry Pratchett

Meet Olive and Willow!

🐱My lovely little Olive 🐱❤️

I'd never owned a cat before, but always wanted one since I was a little girl. When I was about 6/7, I would scrawl little messages on scraps of paper and hand them to my parents
''Please can we get a cat, I will look after it 
and it won't scratch anything and I will pay, pleaseeee!!'
I think I even had an imaginary cat at one point! We nearly always had a dog, either our own or a close relative
who we saw often, so cats were never really able to come into the equation.

So, Willow seems to be a bit of a poser. Sadly Olive was too busy having breakfast to join us. I've only had them 4 days so far, but I love them to pieces 😘 Update: they now have their own Instagram account! @willow.and.olive 🐱

I found these two fluffballs advertised online as the family's puppy chased them and played with them - not that the cats minded, they're so floppy you could do anything with them! But for safety reasons they were looking for a new home. So of course, they came home with me. I believe Willow is a Persian cross, and Olive is a British Shorthair.
They haven't always been called Olive and Willow. Their original names were Cuddles and Roxy, but 'Cuddles' (Olive) wasn't really a fan of cuddling, and besides, I'd already dreamt up their new names before I found out. Thankfully, they adapted to their new names almost instantly, and now come running when you call them!

A little snooze after a visit to the vets for a microchip 💤The cutest little cat 🐱

They settled in quite fast, they were kept indoors for the first month or two, but then gradually let them venture outside and explore the garden. I've since moved house (more on that in another post!) and I think they like it here too - they've managed to get their own 'cat window', which they tell us to open by meowing loudly and staring at it.
Olive has the loudest, strangest purr I've ever heard in my whole life. And it's constant - she does it for hours at a time! I really should put a video up somewhere because it's the weirdest thing. She also does 'silent meows', where she will meow and open her mouth, but no sound comes out. 

Owning a cat is vastly different to having a dog around, some cats are loyal - well let's say most - but you definitely feel your heart break a little bit when you call their name and they look the opposite direction. Thankfully these two have always been quite needy, always rubbing against your legs, begging to be stroked or carried, and we're learning more and more about them each day.

I never thought I was the 'crazy cat lady' type, but it happened.

You can follow them on Instagram @willow.and.olive


Side Note: This month I am aiming to post multiple times a week, 
I have a lot of catching up to do, and lots of free time to do so, so keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. Welcome back!
    Oh my goodness, they are both just the sweetest little things! I hope the move went well! I had to move with my two kitties once and it was HELL, so I hope it was easier with your little ones!
    Can't wait for your new content! x

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