Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Week Away From It All

Finally I've found the time to share with you what I got up to during my holiday off work!
It seems like such a long time ago already, but Ben and I had a lovely week in the New Forest camping, and then we popped down to Brighton for a bit, and for a spot of shopping. Regretfully I didn't take many photos, but here's a few from the handful of ones I did take!

1. Our prints from a photobooth tucked away in a shop in The Lanes. (Snooper's Paradise)

2. A view across the water at Lepe beach. This is such a lovely place to visit on a hot day, 
as there's a little cafe, a river, a hill to climb, and sandy patches of beach a little further along. 
It's never that busy either, which is always a plus! The only bad thing - I got sunburnt.

3. Our little tent! Literally the cheapest one Argos do, and it was great. 
We took our bikes along as well, and they proved useful when cycling around the 
campsite trying to find the BBQ disposal bin! 

4. How can you visit the New Forest without saying hello to the ponies? 
There were foals everywhere, and it's so lovely to see them living in such 
a beautiful environment.

5. The best veggie chilli nachos I have ever had. If you find yourself in the New Forest, 
and hungry, pay a visit to The Royal Oak near Beaulieu. They also have a resident owl!

6. The beautiful kitchen of our Airbnb apartment in Brighton. 
The entire place was absolutely gorgeous. The bed was ever so comfortable, 
and our hosts Peter and Seb were lovely. You can book Brighton Heights Number34 HERE! 
We stayed 2 nights in the Silver room. Katy from littlewinter also recently stayed there 
(in the same room we did) and you can read her post about it here! 

7. The Lanes! Here is where we spent all 3 of our days looking around the little shops, 
spending too much money and getting lost.

8. I love the buildings in Brighton, it's such a picturesque city.

9. The pier! We didn't go on it in the end, as it was far too hot to be walking around out in the open. 
We took a quick stroll across the seafront and then retreated back to the shady lanes.

10. The Lanes once again.

Overall, a very enjoyable week indeed. And certainly a lot cheaper than travelling abroad. Next year, maybe we'll go somewhere further afield, but this little trip suited us just fine, and luckily the weather stayed nice!

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear what you think down below! :)

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  1. I've only just come across your blog but I'm in love with it already.
    Such a beautiful post, it sounds like you had an amazing time. I'm really looking forward to reading your future posts :)

    Eilidh xx

    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for your email as well, it made my day :) x

  2. Wow beautiful pictures! It's definitely nice to travel around a place closer to home once and awhile & be a tourist :) Those foals are adorable btw and the buildings & flowers are gorgeous! We don't have alot of cobblestone or brick buildings where I'm from, there's quite alot of new architecture, but I luv those kind of older homes & shops with small-town charm - very pretty!

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

    1. It is! It also helps that there's no language barrier or anything! There's plenty of culture right outside your own front door, and then there's the added bonus of having more spending money as well!
      I'm lucky to live in a town which has similar buildings, but I think I've been taking them for granted. x

  3. These are really stunning pictures! It seems like you had a blast there and the photo strips are a great thing to be able to take away from a holiday away. The lanes look really awesome to, I'd love to have a nosy round all those shops.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thank you, and yes! I absolutely love them, I wish photobooths like these were more common! x

  4. Such lovely pics and glad you had a great time. xx


  5. Your tent set-up looks beyond cozy, dear Amy!! Just goes to show you that it's not always necessary to travel far and spend big to have a wonderful holiday!! (P.S. Those little foals are sooo cute!!) :)

    1. Thank you Monika! :) That's so true, and oh yes they were, they kept on coming closer to us, then being called back by their worried mothers, it was so sweet! x

  6. I went to Brighton for the first time back in April and absolutely loved it, I definitely need to go back. Looks like you had a lovely time x

    1. It's such a lovely place, I'd love to live there one day! x

  7. It's about lunch time in California and those nachos look scrumptious!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

    1. Oh I wish I could eat them all over again, they were *so* good!! x

  8. I would love to go to Brighton one day. It looks so beautiful and cozy.
    You took some beautiful photos and I love the photobooth prints.

    Xx Anne

    1. Thank you! :) And go if you ever have a chance, it's so nice! x

  9. It's so weird that I've booked to stay in Brighton Heights and immediately seen not one but two bloggers post about it! Your photos are gorgeous, by the way, and Brighton is one of my favourite places ever. xx


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